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Which Do You Reach For, Blending Sponge Or Jelly Pebble? Part 2

Which Do You Reach For, Blending Sponge Or Jelly Pebble? Part 2

This product came a little later to the party than the OG Blending Sponge, however it definitely deserves its fair share of the love amongst all make-up fanatics and we'll show you why…

First of all, we’ll just say that this is NOT a Blending Sponge, so please don’t use it like one! Any time that people have expressed being unsure about the Jelly Pebble, it usually comes down to them having used it incorrectly.
Silicone Make-up Applicator
With the Jelly Pebble you're going to want to dab and not slide the foundation across your face. Add a pea sized amount to the back of your hand then dab, dab, dab at your face till you are nicely blended. For the hard to reach areas, take full advantage of its smooth and flexible composition and bend the jelly pebble in half or around your finger and use the folded edge to blend makeup into these areas. 

One of the great things about the Jelly Pebble is its non porous texture; however this is also where people fall down as they put on the same amount of foundation as they would if they were using a Blending Sponge! Of course being a silicone product, the Jelly Pebble won’t absorb excess product, so you REALLY only need to use the bare minimum to avoid having way too much product on your face.


The surface is also great for ease of cleaning! A quick sanitising wipe and you’re pretty much done. This also makes this method of make-up application super hygienic as it is never left moist for bacteria to grow on.

Happy blending!