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What Did The Starlets Of The 50's Teach Us About Beauty?

What Did The Starlets Of The 50's Teach Us About Beauty?
Those big doe eyes, sculpted brows and perfectly coiffured hair-dos have left a lot of us wishing that we had been around in the 50’s! We get much of our inspiration from these classic Hollywood beauties – and we can definitely learn a thing or two from their beauty routines…
The eyes were probably the most accentuated feature of the 50’s. Women everywhere would frame their eyes perfectly with their sculpted and darkened brows along with a good flick of eyeliner. To protect against puffiness and dark circles a fail safe tip used by the Hollywood starlets was to place cucumber slices on their eyes for 10 minutes before going to sleep followed by applying a thin layer of Vaseline on the lids and under the eyes. 
Women with face masks and cucumbers over their eyes

When it came to skincare, it definitely was nowhere near as complex as it is today. For the average woman, a face towel, warm water and moisturiser was all that you needed. We all know that few could work a camera like the one and only Marilyn Monroe and she credited her subtle glow and photogenic reputation to wearing a reflective moisturiser as a base under her make-up which always caught the light just perfectly.

For make-up removal a woman of the 50’s would apply cold cream to her face in gentle spiral motions and wipe this off with cotton wool. We have adapted this classic slightly all in favour of a simpler beauty routine. Our make-up removing cloths will gently remove your make-up without any need to reach for the cold cream! Just add water. Once all the old make-up is removed, gently flush the face with cool water to minimise pores and seal in that much needed moisture.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company - Make-up Melts

Last but not least no 50's look was ever complete without a sultry red lip. Marilyn Monroe did this best by always accentuating her lips with a lovely glossy red. In her own words - "A smile is the best make-up any girl can wear". We couldn't agree more.

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