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Which do you reach for? Blending Sponge or Jelly Pebble? Part 1

Which do you reach for? Blending Sponge or Jelly Pebble? Part 1
We’ll just say straight away – we adore BOTH! But 100% they have different strengths and should not be used in the same way. In case you’re not a professional make-up artist, we wanted to help you out and share our personal research!
To begin, if a Blending Sponge is your thing, DO NOT get one that is latex! A latex blending sponge may be cheaper, however there is a reason for that… it is no where near as good! A latex blending sponge will be less durable and ends up absorbing more product than it’s latex free counterparts, costing you more money in the long run. Also latex is not hypoallergenic and tends to hold on to bacteria much easier, so it has a much shorter life span in your make-up bag and will need replacing sooner.


Now that's covered lets move over to application! A Blending Sponge should be used damp! Say it louder for the people in the back! For multiple reasons, some of which you may not have been aware of – when the sponge is wet, it will absorb much less product, therefore you'll waste less! Having a damp surface will also ensure you have streak free, good even coverage and a dewy finish.

Because of it's teardrop shape, it’s also so easy to reach awkward areas, like under and around your eyes and around the nostrils. We like to have a set of two Blending sponges, one for wet application and one for dry – for your foundation and setting powder.

Golden rule - You must wash it. And regularly. You have to bear in mind, that while this is a great beauty tool, it is still essentially – a sponge. And sponges naturally will wear out over time. So to give your Blending Sponge the longest life span, you should gently wash it weekly with a mild cleanser or if you don't have that, baby shampoo will work just as well.

How to use a Blending Sponge

Last but not least; being a jack of all trades, we think it's just good practice to keep one on you throughout the day. If you're feeling in need of a bit of a refresh simply spritz on your finishing spray and dab this all over your face, making you fresh and dewy all over again!

Happy blending!