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Impress Your Friends With Vintage Inspired Gifts This Christmas

Impress Your Friends With Vintage Inspired Gifts This Christmas
It’s nearly time! If you’re anything like us you probably haven’t been totally organised in getting all the presents you actually needed to get at this point in December! We love how they did things back in the good old days i.e. the 50s (of course!). Homemade presents, brown paper packages wrapped up with string *sigh*.
 The simplest things were and still are so beautiful. The excitement of receiving something that you know no one else has and trying and failing to undo the string that has your present bound together #nostalgia.

Basically we’re just trying to say that they did it better with a lot less faff a few decades ago. So as we always do, we have drawn some inspiration from this period with regards to our Christmas gifting this year!

 Cookie mix in a jar

A modern twist on the classic homemade gift – Cookie Mix in a Mason Jar. SO simple to make; simply find your favourite cookie recipe and decant the ingredients one by one, creating aesthetically pleasing layers! Make a cute little recipe tag to be tied around the neck of the jar along with a lovely ribbon and bow. Done!

For those of us who would thoroughly appreciate a nice little drink in the holiday season – Limoncello is your go-to! 10 juicy lemons, 1 litre Vodka, 600g caster sugar and 1 litre of water. Just combine the zest of all your lemons with the vodka and leave in a covered container for a week at room temperature! After this, boil the sugar and water together for 15 minutes so it makes a syrup, let this cool then pour into the vodka and lemon zest mix! Strain this mix into as many bottles as you can fill and pop a ribbon on them ready for gifting! Top tip: Serve ICY cold.

Fresh lemon juice 

For the presentation, we are suckers for a beautiful brown paper package. Taking it right back to basics, ditch the sellotape and secure everything with some simple string and a few knots and bows! Not only will your wrapping be unbelievably Instagrammable, but your presents will stand out a mile and really show the effort and love that you really only get from a homemade gift.

 Brown paper gift wrapping

With love from - The Vintage Cosmetic Company x