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Is There Any Real Need For A Tail Comb?

Is There Any Real Need For A Tail Comb?
Yes! We love a good tail comb. What’s not to love? It’s multi purpose, affordable and in every professional hairstylist’s collection. If you don’t have one; we’re going to explain why you should get your hands on one as soon as you can!

Starting with the basics – sectioning hair. PLEASE if you choose to wear a parting, make it straight. The amount of shoddy partings we see everyday is enough to bring a tear to your eye. For something that takes all of 5 seconds, please just take the time to use a Tail Comb and have a straight parting!

Straightening hair 

When straightening your hair, it is an absolute essential. We’ve all been there and done a rush job where you mercilessly drag a straightener through barely brushed hair. But really, you should try to avoid this! As an illustration, if you iron over a crease on a shirt, you will have ironed IN that crease – It won’t be coming out till the next wash. This also applies to your hair; if you straighten over hair that has any tangles or knots, you will be left with some strands that don’t fall flat, leaving you with less than sleek results and also some badly damaged sections of hair.
What you should be doing is the chase method! Sounds complex, but it’s not. Nice and simply - you get a section of hair; comb it through, then clamp the straightener over your hair, put the comb in front and glide down your strands with the straightener “chasing” the comb.  This way, any tangles you may have missed are caught and detangled before the straightener can get to it! Giving you a sleek and shiny finish with no random kinks.

Back Combing Hair

So you’ve straightened your hair, but now you want to add some volume – time to backcomb! You are looking to tease sections of hair and layer them one on top of the other. For this a fine toothed tail comb will be your best tool as the “teeth” are much finer than a regular comb, so you can tease more hair and create more volume!
Our love of the versatile tail combs will never be extinguished! You can see our gorgeous Tail comb with our signature floral print stocked in Dunnes Stores across Ireland! ☘️