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Are You Cleaning Your Make-up Brushes Properly?

Are You Cleaning Your Make-up Brushes Properly?
Now this is a question that in the beauty industry we are asked about COUNTLESS times! Can you clean natural hair brushes the same as synthetic ones? Do you really need to invest in a brush cleanser? Weekly, fortnightly or monthly – which is it!?
As a community, we are not cleaning our brushes often enough! The answer is, at a minimum we should be washing our brushes weekly (And sponges should be washed after every use!) DO NOT put any make-up applicator in the microwave people (Yes, there are crazy people who actually do this).

clean make-up brushes

As a cruelty free brand we only produce synthetic fibre make-up brushes, as not only do we adore our furry friends, but also, synthetic brushes are longer lasting AND easier to clean than their natural fibre counterparts. We do love a low maintenance choice!

This should be a well known fact, that clean brushes will of course make for better make-up application and a regularly cleaned brush with have an extended life span when compared with a dirty one. Remember that make-up brushes are porous, so the bacteria and natural oils that are on your face are transferred onto your brushes after every use. So you can imagine that when you don’t wash your brushes, all the gunky skin cells will clog your brush, giving you a lovely streaky finish. If you have a dirty brush; say goodbye to blending.

 The Vintage Cosmetic Company Brush Cleaning Tool

We’re all about simplifying beauty routines and this also extends to caring for your beauty tools. In our humble opinion, you don’t really need a brush cleanser; some mild soap or baby shampoo will do just fine.

  • Make a solution of 1 part baby shampoo to 4 parts water
  • Dip your brush bristles into the solution and gently wash them on your Brush Cleaning Tool till the water runs clear
  • Rinse the brush bristles and squeeze out any excess reshaping the brush head as you go. (Top tip – Spritz the brushes at this stage with a little tea tree oil for a great smell and anti-microbial magic.)
  • Rest your brushes over the edge of your counter top till they are completely dry. (Ditch drying on a towel unless you want slightly mouldy brushes – ew) 
We know it’s a bore people, but PLEASE wash your brushes at least weekly. Your skin and make-up application will thank you for it 💖