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How To Correctly Blend False Strip Lashes

Kitty False Strip Lashes

Getting into the holiday season, most of us will be attending a work party or a big family get together. On these occasions you probably won't be allowed to turn up in sweatpants (much to our dismay). So as a compromise, we always like to dress nice but comfortably and add in some false lashes to jazz it up.

For those of us who like a good pair of false lashes, we wanted to address the ever important issue of – BLENDING. So many times we see a gorgeous face of make-up and then… "Gurl, what is that thing flapping at the corner of your eye?" #FacePlant. No one wants premature lash peel; so top tip, be generous with the glue! Especially at the outer edges of the lash where your falsies are most likely to come into contact with any wetness, i.e. tears!

False Lashes

Also do not neglect the wait between putting the glue on your false lashes and the actual application. The glue needs to have dried slightly and be a bit tacky in order to stick but NOT slide about all over your eye, causing irritation and therefore tears!

We love all things vintage and so we of course adore Elizabeth Taylor, for making winged eyeliner popular again after the ancient Egyptian queens. With false lashes, it should be an unspoken rule that you need to wear them with eyeliner.

Now to you pros out there this might sound like a no brainer. But believe us we have seen many flout this rule. Put your eyeliner on first before you put on your lashes. Then when you stick your lashes on top of this, REAPPLY another stroke of eyeliner to fill in any gaps that may have been created - This will seamlessly blend in your lashes!


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Happy blending!