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Create a Super Simple (but effective) Halloween Look…

Create a Super Simple (but effective) Halloween Look…
Halloween is nearly upon us and for the beauty gurus and MUAs out there this is their time to shine. For the rest of us though we can be left feeling a bit deflated as we look through YouTube tutorial after tutorial hoping to find a look that uses less than 100 products and that’s actually ‘simple’ to create and in fact not designed for a fine arts graduate!
This Halloween we’ve decided enough is enough and have created some genuinely simple tutorials to help you transform yourself for the spooky season, without breaking the bank.
Clown Halloween Look
Look 1, The Clown: The clown look has been a classic since the beginning of time, and with Pennywise hitting our screens in “It” in 2017, this year the clown is back on trend and bigger, brighter and more diverse than ever. Our clown look is super simple. We decided to create a look in bold colours using basic shapes and opted for bright red and striking black against a ghostly white background using our Blending Sponges, a selection of Make-up Brushes and Snazaroo face paints. We finished the look with glitter from our friends at Eco Glitter Fun and our Kitty False Strip Lashes.
Beauty Tip: Swap the red for any colour of your choice to match your outfit and pair your look with a ruffled clown collar and stripy top or dress for added effect.
Look 2, The Galaxy: This look is much softer and more girly than the clown look and will have you seeing stars all evening as you dance the night away! We created this look using our Blending Sponge and an array of Make-up Brushes and opted for Snazaroo face paints again to create our base. We paired our choice of colours with shiny blue and purple eye shadow for added effect. To finish the look we painted white stars and added glitter from Eco Glitter Fun and our Betty False Strip Lashes.
Beauty Tip: Put your hair into space buns and pair your glittery galaxy with a floaty starry ensemble to complete the look.
We hope these ideas have helped de-stress you and given you some inspiration before this years Halloween event, but if not, try not to worry about it so much, after all, the most important thing is that you go out and have fun!
Galaxy Halloween Look