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We Investigate: The Hair Turban vs Towel Drying Debate

We Investigate: The Hair Turban vs Towel Drying Debate
Given the time of year, we’d say it’s probably no longer a good idea to leave your house with wet hair in hopes that it will air dry... It will not, and you will catch a cold. Please trust us on this one. So we got to thinking – Towel or Hair Turban and is there really any big difference?
Now we know, and admit that yes, a towel is easily available when you’re hopping out of the shower in your bathroom. However even the softest Egyptian cotton 800gsm terry towel will be causing unnecessary damage to your tresses. Don’t be fooled!
Woman in The Vintage Cosmetic Company Hair Turban
We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here… By all means keep your towel for drying off after a shower. However, you should bear in mind that what makes a towel so perfect for drying yourself, is also what makes them a nightmare for your hair! A towel is a lot heavier than our Hair Turban and it’s this weight that drags out and damages your hair strands. If that wasn’t enough, towels are also made with lots of little loops, which your hair can get easily caught in, resulting in breakage and tangles – not fun.
When the cuticle of your hair strands lay flat, your hair is able to retain much needed moisture – this maintains the hair health, keeping your locks soft and shiny. So in other words, you should avoid rubbing your hair dry with a towel like the plague! Our hair turban takes away the need for this (awful!) technique anyway. It’s super lightweight and made from absorbent microfibre, which soaks up excess water and minimises frizz. You simply wring your hair out as normal once you step out of the shower, wrap your hair turban round your hair, then relax!
Hair Turban in and out of packaging
Also, if you’re feeling in need of a proper hair treat, we would recommend teaming a good leave-in conditioner with our Hair Turban. Simply coat your hair with a leave-in conditioner of your choice then cover your locks with your Hair Turban over night. Once you take your hair out in the morning, your hair will be richly moisturised and ready for you to style. Plus, did you know, our Hair Turban also eliminates the need for a hair dryer, which bypasses any potential heat damage!
Our super cute pink polka dot Hair Turban wins every time. Give it a try!
Woman in Hair Turban