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How to Throw a Witchin’ Halloween Party

How to Throw a Witchin’ Halloween Party
Some people can’t think of anything worse than dressing up and parading around in a silly costume in front of their friends with a spooky themed cocktail in their hand, but for the team here at The Vintage Cosmetic Company Halloween is a great excuse to try our hands at creating some great Halloween looks, and parties just mean you have a chance to show them off to your friends! We’ve put together a list of things that will make your Halloween party witchin’.
  • Deathly Decorations: Now that you’ve chosen your costume and got all the bits to complete your look you need to dress your house to the same level of scariness! If you’re worrying it will break the bank, don’t panic! Shopping around on Amazon and Ebay is a great shout for finding all sorts of decorations that won’t break the bank.
  • A Signature Spooky Cocktail: The best Halloween parties always have a signature spooky cocktail to get people dancing! Pinterest is the hub of all things creative and you can find 100’s of different Halloween themed cocktail recipes to get some inspo!
  • Freaky Food: From Devlish Eggs to Graveyard Cookie Jars the Woman’s Day website has you covered! Or, simply opt for finger food – it will make it much easier for your guests to eat without smudging their make-up!
  • Creepiest Costume Prize: If you’re going to make dressing up a requirement of attending your party you need to have a prize on hand for the winner – don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be expensive – because Halloween is the season of trick or treat why not give away a silly prize to continue this fun tradition?
  • Scary Sweeties: Sweets and chocolates are a MUST! Station them throughout the party venue in cauldrons and pumpkins to ensure your guests don’t stay hidden in the kitchen all night.


We hope you have a withcin’ Halloween party… Cheers!