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Do Black Friday The Smart Way This Year

Do Black Friday The Smart Way This Year
It’s that special time of year again! When you cram all of your Christmas shopping into one amazing weekend. Done correctly, Black Friday can be incredibly useful. However, we aren’t saying that there haven’t been situations where we were left screaming over the last discounted TV in ASDA… Which is why we are writing this blog for you on all the Do’s and Don’ts for Black Friday!     

DO – Your research before the day itself. Make your list and check it twice! If you’re really organised, make a list of all the websites you’re planning on visiting and add them to your ‘favourites” that way you can save time searching on the day!

DON’T – Go crazy. Yes that drill is 30% off, but do you even do DIY? It’s not a deal if you never really wanted or needed it in the first place. Try to be disciplined and stick to your list unless you see an absolutely unbelievably too good to be true deal!

Large crowd outside a shop front

DO – Have your Christmas list ready before you go shopping. Christmas can be so expensive! So be savvy about it and try to get the bulk in the Black Friday sales.

DON’T – Go in store if you can help it. You will be stuck in a mile long line and will be pushed and shoved like crazy. In the age of the Internet you should be able to get pretty much all you need without stepping foot out of your house! People can get a little crazy and for your own safety we would generally advise you to go bargain hunting from your home.

DO – Set an alarm. Deals tend to go online at midnight. Market research says 3 – 4am is the sweet spot for online purchasing. So if you’re a die hard Black Friday-er and want to avoid the web lag; set your alarms!

Are you secure?

DON’T – Get scammed. Any website you choose to purchase from; make sure their URL starts with “https” the “s” being the most important part as this shows that the website is secure and will keep your personal details safe.

Happy shopping! We’ll see you back here on the 23rd November for some SERIOUS discounts 😉