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We’re having a Festival Fiesta!

We’re having a Festival Fiesta!
We teamed up with Eco Glitter Fun to bring you all the sparkles you could possibly wear during festival season! Join in the fun and create your own festival looks, or use ours as inspiration…
Whatever your style and wherever you’re going this summer who can resist a little bit of glitter? We’ve paired our gorgeous False Strip Lashes up with different glitters to create a three festival looks designed to inspire you and get you excited for festival season:
Boho Chic:
This look is perfect for anyone who wants to sparkle, but prefers a more natural, less is more, approach to make-up. We used glitters in Kappar Standard, Bronzo Standard and Aurelie Standard to create this look, and paired it with our gorgeously subtle Connie False Strip Lashes.
Simply paint the Aloe Vera Gel on your face in a desired pattern and then dab the glitter on over the top! If you’re nervous about putting too much on we recommend starting off with a small pattern and then expanding it, as you get more comfortable.
For detailed glitter and lash application check out our YouTube vid!
Mermaid Vibes:
This look is for all those girls who loved The Little Mermaid growing up! The key to this look is to use green, blue and purple tones. We started off by using fishnet stockings and eye shadow to create scales. We found that the brush that worked best was our Blusher Brush. Simply pack on the colour and apply! We also added a face jewel sticker, blue lipstick and glitter to our mermaid’s hair!
Once we became more confident using the glitter we experimented by doing dots in a pattern this time as they looked like bubbles when they caught the light. The glitter we used for the face was Frozen Blend Glitter ad Violetta Standard Glitter and we used a blend of Aqua Uber Chunky and Vanna Super Chunky Glitter in the hair. The lashes we chose to showcase for this look was our Betty False Strip Lashes for added Ariel vibes.
Mermaid Festival Look with Betty Lashes
Carnival Cuteness:
They say life is a carnival and we couldn’t agree more! Celebrate festival season with our most out-going look! We were definitely inspired by the Confetti Crowd IG and the gorgeous Eco Glitter Fun aesthetic. This transformation is perfect for you if you just can’t get enough glitter… EVER!
We painted Aloe Vera in lines underneath our eyes and experimented by adding glitter in every colour of the rainbow. We added face jewels and topped off the look with our party girl Lash, Kitty - which we’ve already sold out of! - Don’t despair though, we’d recommend using Nancy False Strip Lashes as a substitute because this girl also dares to be bold and will give you thick, full looking lashes!
Glitter types: (from left to right) Rojo Chunky Glitter, Aurelie Standard Glitter, Verde Fine Glitter and Aqua Standard Glitter Amethyst Super Chunky Glitter.
Carnival Festival Look with Kitty Lashes
Glitter and Lash Removal:
When the sparkles have started to fade and you’re ready to put your head on your pillow you’ll need to remove the glitter from your face and lashes from your eyes. Our friends at Eco Glitter Fun recommend washing the glitter off just using a mild soap and water.
We recommend taking our Lashes off gently and putting them back on the tray so you can use them again. You can remove the glue from your eyes with ease using water, and our Make-up Melts!