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Set Your Lashes A-Flutter!

Set Your Lashes A-Flutter!

Hey girls, it’s party season and we know when you’re getting ready to go, out or you have a special occasion it’s nice to add some extra, little touches to make you feel that little bit more sparkly! Some of us get our hair styled, some focus on their nails but for others it’s all about the eyes...



If you’re a wide-eyed party princess who has been searching for just the right Eyelash Curler then we have got the perfect product for you! Our Eyelash Curlers are inspired by more traditional, vintage cosmetics and are ideal for both Norma Jean and Marilyn Monroe! They provide a subtle option to add lift to your lashes and make them look more open for a fresh, and youthful wide-eyed look.


They are renown internationally amongst celebrities and makeup artists - it's no wonder as they are made from high quality carbon steel and are fitted with a spring for long-lasting, lengthy lashes - just like the ones your favourite Hollywood Starlets would have used.


For the perfect party eyelashes hold the curlers under your hairdryer on a low setting for a few seconds and when they are warm (not hot!) curl your lashes to your preference. You can also pair this product with some of our gorgeous False Lashes for an extra glam look.



So, whether you’re a lavish lady who loves fake eyelashes or someone who prefers a subtler, classic look our Eyelash Curlers are the next pre-party essential you can tick off your list!