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Hair Today… Gone Tomorrow

Hair Today… Gone Tomorrow
Trends change and fads fade but the charm of the 1950s still remains fascinating even in today’s modern society. This week our blog is all about our gorgeous vintage inspired Hair Collection

Tail Comb: This dual purposed beauty is perfect for both backcombing and sectioning hair. You’ll find this quickly becomes your go to - especially if you’re trying something a little more complicated than your usual ‘do – say, a beehive for example!

Hair Collection

 Vent Hair Brush: This Hair Brush is designed to allow airflow through the Brush to the roots of your hair giving your locks extra volume and life with each stroke. 

Rectangular Paddle Brush: If you often find yourself in a tangle then this is the Brush for you! This brush will gently detangle your hair, boost shine and leave you with sleek, salon worthy hair.

Round Blow Dry Hair Brush: Here’s one for all of you hair-savvy babes; use this Brush as you blow-dry your hair to achieve smooth, bouncy locks and added volume.

Tail Comb 

Detangling Brush: The smallest of our Brushes this lovely little essential fits on the palm of your hand – perfect for on-the-go grooming and for taming extra tangled hair. Our Detangling Brush can also be used on both wet and dry hair! 

Sectioning Clips: Our Sectioning Clips come in packs of four and are available in soft blue or pale pink. These cleverly designed clips are soft to touch and give extra grip – perfect for styling even the thickest locks.

Vent Hair Brush