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Get Great Skin for Spring!

Get Great Skin for Spring!
Spring is finally here and that means we’re wearing less make-up to try and catch some of those soft sun’s rays! Unfortunately this means that our dry, flaky noses from the winter are on full display and we want to take back control of our skin this spring so we can feel fine and funky fresh!
In order to succeed in having skin as soft and supple as a princess we’ll be bringing out some of our favourite beauty tools to bring our the best in our skin….
Beautifully clean brushes make for a beautifully clear complexion: As you use your Make-up Brushes they will start to collect make-up and bacteria, which you then transfer back onto your face! Help keep your skin clear by cleaning your brushes regularly with our cute as a button Brush Cleaning Tool.
Skin Care Beauty Tools
Keep your luscious locks safe and dry: We have a range of gorgeous Make-up Headbands to push your hair back off your face as you remove your make-up and do your daily skin routine.
Remove your make-up and cleanse: With our magic Make-up Removing Cloths – all you have to do is add water! Use one side to remove your make-up and the other to gently cleanse your skin leaving it squeaky clean!
Last stop… Exfoliation Station: Keep the skin on your entire body soft as satin with our Exfoliating Body Sponge; gentle on skin and super hygienic these little sponges will quickly become a part of your shower routine! Pair this with our Exfoliating Face Sponge to keep those pesky little pores clean and dirt-free.