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Christmas Cosmetic Essentials

Christmas Cosmetic Essentials

As the glitzy season begins the LAST thing you’ll want to find yourself doing is panicking that you can’t create the right look for various Christmas parties and of course the main event… New Year’s Eve! That’s why we’ve brought together all of our favourite essentials in one list, so you’ll know for sure you’re super prepared to glam yourselves up.


Get ready to shine with our Four-Way Nail Buffer! The key to doing anything well is good preparation and this handy little tool allows you to file, remove ridges, smooth the nail and finally shine! You can either leave them looking naturally gorgeous as they are, or swipe them with your favourite festive nail polish.

Putting on your liquid makeup products day after day with your blending sponges can eventually leave them feeling and looking a little worse for wear – especially if they were a cheap last-minute grab! Our Vitamin E Infused Beauty Blending Sponges come in three colours: baby blue, soft pink and violet. Not only are they super cute, but they make it easy to apply your make-up efficiently and hygienically. They are great quality and therefore super easy to clean! If you’ve never tried a blending sponge now is your time to try it – we know you’ll never look back!

Now for the main event… Brushes! If you don’t use them you should give them a go - we just know you’ll never look back! Our powder brushes are great for using your favourite powders to set your makeup so it stays in place on your face all night long, whether you’re just popping out for a family meal or dancing till dawn!


*Kitty Lashes*

Getting the smoky eye look just right is arguably the hardest part of any makeup ritual and having great brushes to get your chosen look perfect is absolutely crucial! We have four brushes in our Smokey Eye Gift Set, each one labelled to help you along the way! Pair them with a bold and glittery palette for an extra glamorous look.

No glitzy gal would leave the house without her eyelashes! Our Girls Gift Set features one of each lash type, so whether you like living on the lash or a more au natural look we have something for YOU!



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