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An Iconic 1950’s Accessory Re-Imagined

An Iconic 1950’s Accessory Re-Imagined
The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Bunny Twist Make-up Headband hits Ulta Beauty Stores!
In March 2018 Ulta Beauty will be adding to their cosmetic accessories range from The Vintage Cosmetic Company in stores across America, including the Bunny Twist Make-up Headband which will be exclusive to Ulta Beauty.
The Vintage Cosmetic Company in London are best known for creating cosmetic accessories inspired by the charm of the 1950s. Beautifully produced and loved by make-up artists and celebrities alike, these products make vintage glamour accessible to the busy, modern woman!
These classically inspired beauty tools have been in the United States since 2015 and include several collections of cosmetic accessories ranging from make-up brushes and rose gold beauty tools to bath and body products - three of which are launching in Ulta Beauty stores and online ( in March: The Gel Bead Eye Mask which can be used hot or cold, the Exfoliating Face Sponge which cleanses your skin without damaging it, and exclusively to Ulta Beauty, the Bunny Twist Make-up Headband.
The Bunny Twist Make-up Headband is influenced by the 1950’s, but with a whimsical and modern twist. Headbands have appeared throughout history in a variety of materials and styles, but they were arguably most famous in the 1950’s. This was the era that women with labour intensive jobs would famously roll printed bandanas into headbands and tie them in a knot at the top of their heads to keep their hair off of their faces as they worked.
Fast-forward almost 70 years and the typical working woman looks very different, but vintage headbands are still as iconic as ever! The Bunny Twist Make-up Headband nods to the working ladies of the 1950’s with its unmistakable likeness, but it has been re-designed for modern day use with soft fabric and baby pink and white polka-dot print. This headband is easy to use, simply twist the ears around one another for a comfortable fit! It’s perfect for pushing back hair whilst removing make-up - and a best friend when it comes to applying face masks!
These products can all be bought in March online at or in Ulta Beauty stores across the United States. Hop into Ulta Beauty this spring and treat yourself!