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5 of our Fav Make-up Trends from Summer 2018

5 of our Fav Make-up Trends from Summer 2018
Summer has come and flown by and as September comes trickling in we sadly have to acknowledge that the days of throwing on our cutest dress and sandals and flying out of the door into the sunshine are behind us… Don’t feel too sad though! In its place comes snuggly jumpers, plenty of hot chocolate and of course, all those gorgeous crunchy leaves in millions of colours to inspire the next make-up trends.
There were some make-up trends we just HAD to talk about though because oh my goodness so much happened this summer – we paired up with Eco Glitter Fun to bring you festival looks for days, Patrick Starr collaborated with MAC on another bright show-stopping collection and it felt like EVERYONE released a rose gold liquid highlighter – from Marc Jacobs to Bleach London everyone was glowing like the 4th of July!
1) Liquid liners brighter than the sun: Bright liquid liners made a splash this summer and not just in the way you’d expect with yellow and orange taking to the frontline – people were experimenting with pinks, blues and even greens to add a stand out effect to a vast range of looks, from an added touch of colour to a natural look, to painting daisies, clouds and even ‘paint splatters’. The creativity that people have shown is endless and we have really loved seeing some of these amazing looks on our Instagram feed.
2) Sunset Lids and peachy tones: This trend swept across the Internet – from matte to shimmer eye shadows and subtle to ornate looks everyone tried their hand at re-inventing the traditional smokey eye look. We don’t think it’s time that orange tones went out of fashion just yet – as fall arrives those bright tones will darken into burnt orange shades and sparkling coppers in keeping with the natural change of the landscape.

3) Glitter, glitter everywhere: Festival season can only mean one thing… GLITTER! With the invention of Eco Friendly Glitter girls and guys across the globe were able to enjoy guilt-free sparkles and it sparked a huge trend in the make-up world. We paired up with the lovely girls at Eco Glitter Fun to bring you our own takes on some of the most iconic festival looks!

4) The all natural look: This look is created with minimal effort but has maximum beach-babe impact – less really was more this summer with the sudden popularity of the humble freckle dictating that we opt for little to no foundation, a dash of concealer on problem areas, a sweep of mascara and a subtle pink lip gloss to finish! We LOVE this look because it really embraces natural beauty – plus, it’s such a time saver!

5) Coloured Mascara: What goes better with colour liquid liners than coloured mascara? Rihanna was seen wearing hot pink mascara at Coachella and the world went mad for this look – long live the 80s when blue mascara made a bang – if you’re a double-denim wearing babe you’ll love this look – match your mascara with your liner, or go all out and clash colours for maximum impact – if we can bring the 1970s into 2018 surely we can stretch out this kooky trend for a little while longer..?