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10 Things We LOVE About Autumn

10 Things We LOVE About Autumn
From bonfires and woolly jumpers to hot chocolates and cosy evenings in, there’s so much we love about autumn, The Vintage Cosmetic Company Team put together a list of their favourite things about this time of year:
Dark lipstick: Gone are the subtle shades and hues of summer, if you love deep colours autumn is the perfect time of year for you. Deep reds, purples and bold browns take centre stage and it’s a great time of year to experiment with different tones if you’re someone who usually sticks to nudes and soft pinks.

Autumn Boots
Boots: Ankle boots, black boots, high-heeled boots, knee-high boots, brown boots, flat boots… Whatever your style there’s a boot for you! We love boots, they’re practical, functional and there’s a pair for every occasion.
Woolly jumpers: Nothing says snuggly like your favourite woolly jumper. We all have one we lovingly dust off and wear year after year; even though it really is too bobbly to be wearing and we know should replace it we just can’t part ways, so we keep it as a ‘house’ jumper!

Pumpkin spiced everything: Pumpkin spiced lattes, pies, bread, candles and bath bombs - there’s no end to the yummy little treats you can spoil yourself with in autumn – and seeing as pumpkin spice only comes round once a year why not indulge?
Halloween: Nothing says fun like dressing up, decorating your house with spooky ghouls and spiders, carving pumpkins and having a great party just for the sake of it! Halloween is a great excuse to have people over for an evening of fun and to cheer up all your summer loving friends with some scary festivities.

The change in landscape: Crunchy leaves and gorgeous sunsets are not to be missed (even if it is chilly outside!) The natural autumn colour palette is simply stunning - streets are scattered with leaves in burnt oranges, deep reds, a million shades of gold and yellow, browns and even shades of purple, plus the low sun makes for a stunning backdrop to the change of scenery.
Bonfire Night: Remember, remember the fifth of November… Bonfire Night is a truly iconic part of Britain’s History and it’s not to be missed! Everyone wraps up and heads out to their nearest firework display. In 1605 after the gunpowder plot led by Guy Fawkes failed, fires were lit all over London to celebrate the safety of the King, since then, the event is commemorated every year with fireworks, bonfires and even live music and entertainment.

Hot chocolate: Of course, you can drink hot chocolate any time of year, but who wants a warming drink smack bang in the middle of a heat wave? With the weather getting cooler nothing is nicer than a hot chocolate on a chilly day – don’t forget the cream and mini marshmallows!
Cosy days indoors: We spend as much of summer as we can outside making the most of the sunshine; drinking Pimms, eating BBQ food and soaking up the heat that rarely stays around for long here in the UK! As the weather cools down we’re drawn inside and there’s no better way to spend a cold rainy day than in your PJs, snuggled in your favourite blanket watching films. 

Comfort Food: Summer food is centralised around smoothies, sorbets and salads, we tend to eat very light food, both because of the heat and because we’re all a little conscious of maintaining that summer bod (whatever that means!). When autumn comes around root veggies, creamy soups and hearty casseroles return to our diet – food that feels like home and warms you from your toes to your fingertips.